Cold Mountians



If I am going to be your therapist, I think it is important to get to know a little about me. 


I enjoy the outdoors.  Nature has a way of helping us feel balanced.  Nature also helps us to look with perspective at what is and what may be to come.  Give a plant water and sun, and it produces beauty and bounty.  Research in ecotherapy has found that 90 minutes in nature helps lower stress, anxiety, and depression.  In fact, even listening to nature sounds can have this impact. Check out Harvard Health for more information.  

In addition to nature, I also enjoy sports.  Overall, I like high school and college level athletics more so than I do the pro game.  My favorite college basketball team is the Lady Phoenix of UWGB, followed by the Wisconsin Badgers men's basketball program.  But I am not just a fan.  I have coached baseball, football, girls' softball and basketball, and youth soccer, to name a few.  

I also enjoy reading.  My leisure reading list reflects the joy I have in my work.  The Body Keeps the Score, Trauma and Recovery, The Brain that Changes Itself, The Brain's Way of Healing, In An Unspoken Voice, Why Does He Do That, MindsetRiding Home: The Power of Horses to Heal, Treating Chronic Shame, The Soul of Shame, and others.  

  • Licensed Professional Counselor, #6885

  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional

  • Certified Child and Adolescent Trauma Professional

  • Certified Family Trauma Professional